"The possibility of making a dream come true

is what makes life interesting"

- Paulo Coelho

Thé tip for when you have ‘choice making-stress’
Do you find it difficult to choose? Please watch this video for thé tip when your are stressed out by[...]
Blinded by clair voyance
When talking about paranormal gifts, clair voyance is often mentioned. But doest that cover it all? No, certainly not! Information[...]
Are you candid about your spirituality?
Can you totally be who you truly are and can you live your full potential? With this I mean: can[...]
What is really the best thing to do for your energy system (your chakras, aura, Being)?
This is a question that maybe appears to not have one answer. We are all different of course. But I[...]
The secret of flow and success
Why are certain people successful and others not? What is it what makes you have flow or not in what[...]
Hello from Vanessa
Video: a brief introduction to myself and my business Your Energy Kitchen.  

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