“Panta rhei” (everything flows)

- Heraclitus

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Hereby I give you answers to a lot of questions you might have. Would you like to know what a chakra or an aura is? Are you interested to know what you, as an energy system, are all about? Do you know how many chakras there are and how many layers your aura has. Please download the eBook where, in a few pages, I will tell you all about it. And I will also talk about your higher self and more so that you get to understand what your energy system is all about.

The answers to the questions below you will find by clicking on them. Enjoy!

What topics can you read in a reading?

Why would several sessions benefit me?

Can I do different therapies at the same time?

If I have a session on two consecutive days would it be the same information I receive?

Does it hurt?

What are entities?

How many sessions do I have to have?

What is your cancellation policy?

What things can you read? 

Are you a doctor?

Can you read my future?

Is it scary?

What is geopathic stress?

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​Free eBook "Getting to know your energy system"